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About us

What should we start with?

With the travel part, which is one of our old passions, or with the events part, that has won us over little by little these last few years?
I think it would be best to start with what the two have in common: passion, professionalism, experience acquired along the years, the tailored relationship we have with each  of our customer and the special services we deliver.

Karim Rashid once said: "In order to fulfill your dreams, you need a sense of freedom". We felt free and we had the courage to start this business, in order to meet your expectations and your needs, regarding travel & events.

How many of your acquaintances (business partners, providers, friends, employees) work with passion?



Unfortunately, not many people afford this luxury, this being one of the details that make the difference when we speak about quality services.

Nowadays, the client (whatever the kind) is more and more exigent, more sophisticated and has started to select his suppliers very carefully.

The client is only interested in discussing with those who are attentive to his needs and aspirations, with those who can provide prompt and the best solutions.

We build and we believe in long-term relationships and, to us, every client is special. We are practical, personal, operative and we value our client's time.

Why don’t try to get to know us?

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