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Motivation & Team events

Team bonding vs Team Building

Both can be beneficial to enhance the effectiveness of a team - but team bonding is a "quick fix" to motivate and encourage groups to talk and break down barriers, and thus hopefully work closer together. This can be done at the simplest level by taking a group out for a drink or bowling - in fact, pretty much anything where a group will interact.

Alternatively a team bonding activity can be designed to meet your budget and the time you have allocated - day, half day, after dinner or just a couple of hours after a conference or meeting. Our activities enable individuals to work as a group thus building confidence and encouraging teamwork.

A Family Fun Day (or Staff Appreciation Day)

Is run to thank and motivate the staff, and where families are invited to thank them for their contribution. The venue can be a hotel, a park or a stadium, your offices, back garden, a farm.